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iDraft's Design Services

iDraft's Design and Drafting Services have been set up to address a couple of specific areas - the Retail Foodservice based Market as well as Commercial Kitchens and Bars .  Read on to see how and where we can be of assistance...

Retail Design Services

iDraft Design was originally established with the Retail market in mind to provide a Cost Effective solution to their design needs. Where a Franchise is involved, the Colour schemes and Branding are usually determined by Interior and/or Graphics Designers. Why then would you need to engage the Interior Designer for each new Store? Their fees can be high - there must be a cheaper alternative? What better idea than to utilize someone who is very efficient at replicating that information within the new layout - iDraft Design can help you out here.

 If you’re looking to set up a Restaurant, Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, Kiosk, Bakery or any Foodservice based Retail Outlet, iDraft Design should be one of your early ports of call with their specialty expertise in this area. Sure, you’ll find plenty of Interior Designers and Architects who say they can design your whole Outlet for you (including the Kitchen, Stores and Washup), but you need to ask yourself some questions about their level of expertise in the area of the Kitchen and how it works. Just the fact that you are undertaking a development that will provide food to the Public, specific requirements will apply to your business. Rare is it that these groups are intimately aware of the required standards

There is no doubting that a good Interior Designer will invoke an enticing feeling through the use of colours and styling to get the Customer through the front door. Once you have the Customer’s attention though, your next task is to deliver the food product in a timely and cost effective manner - this is where iDraft’s experience comes to the fore. Think of your Kitchen as the Engine room of your establishment - while the business may look great on the outside if the engine isn’t well designed and tuned up its performance will let the overall package down.

Sure, much of the Customer satisfaction with your service will be generated by your Staff, but a well designed Kitchen will assist in getting the product to the customer efficiently, cost effectively and with minimal effort and less stress on your staff. Many of the benefits to any well rounded, profitable foodservice business are really intangible and include:

  • Less training because your Staff that are happy with the tools you’ve supplied and because they’re happy, they’ll stay with you
  • Less labour because you have a hygienic, easy to Clean and Maintain Kitchen
  • Repeat Business through Customer satisfaction

Your business model will most likely need repeat business to thrive and if you can offer them the best service in nice surroundings at the right price, you’ve got the right equation to have them coming back for more.

P.S. If you don’t have an Interior Designer on board, iDraft has a number of contacts in the Interior Design field who they can work with to make sure you get the whole package - all coordinated

Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design

Anywhere that Hospitality services are provided, iDraft can assist you with getting things moving in the right direction - here's just a few of the types of facilities that could contain a Commercial Kitchen or Bar:

If you're looking at any Hospitality service and whether or not iDraft has the relevant skills and knowledge, it doesn't matter - iDraft can make sure that you are looked after...