Prince Alfred Hotel 2_2.jpgWelcome to the iDraft Design Web site. If you're looking to open, upgrade or refurbish any Foodservice based business, then you've found a good place to start. iDraft Design has the experience and skills to assist you in getting your project moving in the right direction.


iDraft Design is a multi-faceted Drafting and Design service aimed primarily towards the operators of outlets involved in the Foodservice Industry at many different levels. Whether you are developing a major Fit out or a small Retail based operation, iDraft can assist you in ensuring you have the right information and tools to get you up and running efficiently, cost effectively and on time. If you're a Franchise organization with your Colour Scheme and Graphics already devised, iDraft can fully document your outlets in a cost effective manner.


IDraft may only be a small operation, but it offers an unprecedented level of personalized attention to ensure that you achieve the desired results using the most cost effective method - that's the basis of iDraft's business. With a demonstrated competence in CAD & IT Support, Management, Development and Training as well as a background encompassing the Manufacturing, Architectural and Commercial Kitchen Consultancy fields, iDraft's experience and practices are second to none.


If you require any further information on how iDraft can assist you, check out the appropriate pages and if you think iDraft can help you out give us a call - We'll be only too glad to help you achieve your goals. Oh, and by the way, just because we're small, it doesn't mean we are limited to just Brisbane or Queensland - iDraft has carried out projects on both a National and International basis.


Can't find what you're looking for? Why not give us a call - We look forward to hearing from you...


iDraft Design - A Brief History

iDraft Design is a small business formed in 2007 to capitalize on the skills and career of its Director - Alan Reese. Boasting a wide range of experience in professions closely allied to the Commercial Kitchen and Bar Design field and a high level of expertise in CAD and IT, iDraft Design was a natural progression. Initially set up to address the retail and small Commercial Kitchen and Bar fields, iDraft Design has a unique awareness of the Design process and Equipment suitability for application due to his Trade background as a Sheet Metal Worker in the Commercial Kitchen & Bar Industry.


Firstly progressing from the Trade background into the Drawing Office he learnt to draft by hand before in 1985, moving onto CAD. In 1988 Alan started his own Drafting Service working primarily with a well respected Industry Consultant and introducing AutoCAD before pursuing a career in AutoCAD Sales, Support and Training. Next was a move into the CAD Management field with one of the largest and most respected Architectural companies in Australia. This role soon altered to also encompass IT Manager whilst still retaining the CAD Manager role. Four years later, Alan was elevated to the role of National IT Manager overseeing the companys 5 offices and local IT Managers and some 350 computers, printers, plotters and the associated networking Local, National and International .


Eight years later, Alan moved back into the Commercial Kitchen Industry and undertook a Directorship with an established Commercial Kitchen Consultancy, honing his skills as a businessman as well as refining his experience with the Design processes of Commercial Kitchen and Bars. In 2007 an opportunity presented itself for iDraft Design to be launched undertaking some substantial work in the Retail environment as well as smaller Commercial Kitchen designs.


In the event that a project has been too large or complex for iDraft to undertake on its own, they  have formed a Joint Venture or close alliance with companies with the specific experience necessary to ensure the client always receives the appropriate levels of service.